Brian Hubbard

Brian Hubbard is a consultant in the TAG Holding’s National Security Practice and will assist clients at all levels of government. He is formerly a sworn law enforcement officer and has many friends still in uniform in the seventeen jurisdictions in and around the District of Columbia. Most recently he has served in a variety of consulting positions helping federal clients with physical security assessments and COOP/COG planning. He was responsible for project schedules and deliverables for a variety of projects at federal facilities around the National Capital Region (NCR).

Mr. Hubbard served for seven years as the Director of Operations for the Washington DC Emergency Management Agency (EMA). As Operations Director, Mr. Hubbard had a broad mandate to help city residents, businesses, educational institutions and government agencies prepare for, respond to and recover from all types of disasters and hazards.

Additionally, he has served as the Chairman of the Council of Government (COG) Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Committee. He also Co-Chaired the Mayor’s Special Events Task Group, composed of representatives from the District, federal and private agencies responsible for approving applications and issuing permits to conduct special events, marches, rallies and demonstrations.

From 1999 to 2002, Mr. Hubbard served as the Commanding Officer for Mayor Anthony Williams Security detail.

A seasoned public safety professional, Mr. Hubbard previously served twelve years in the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), rising to the rank of Lieutenant before moving into civilian service to the community. He was a Task Force Officer working violent crimes for both the DEA and FBI in the early nineties. He has experience working with the media both as a uniformed officer and as a civilian employee.

Mr. Hubbard has taken classes at the Department of State for Force Protection, as well the United States Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation where he took classes on government corruption. Mr. Hubbard attended Prince Georges Community College before joining the MPD.

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