Fraser Verrusio

Fraser Verrusio is a skilled public policy expert with over 25 years’ experience in Washington, DC, with particular focus on infrastructure and transportation issues. Fraser brings innovative thinking and a results-driven methodology to a wide range of complex issues facing our business partners and clients.

Mr. Verrusio draws on his versatile experience in the private sector, on Capitol Hill, with state level contacts, and on the international stage to assist a diverse set of businesses. He plays a lead role in defending proprietary interests, building channel business relationships, and commercializing intellectual property by helping clients deliver consumer products to market in cyber-security and gaming. He also plays an active advisory role in several TAG Holdings portfolio companies.

Mr. Verrusio has held senior positions in government, a major global engineering business, and been in the middle of both domestic and international policy matters for more than two decades. He has led multiple official congressional delegation missions abroad and been interviewed by foreign media outlets that span from Africa to Europe, and Asia to South America.

On Capitol Hill, he worked for a diverse set of members of Congress over more than a dozen years and served as Policy Director for the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, the largest committee in Congress. There he was responsible for advising the Chairman and Sub-committee Chairs on political strategy, developing alliances, spearheading vote counts, oversight investigations and maintaining bipartisan relations with leadership in the House of Representatives, Senate and Executive Branch. During the aftermath of September 11, 2001, he oversaw full committee efforts related to stabilizing our comprehensive transportation network, fortifying our homeland security related infrastructure interests, and ensuring a balanced jurisdictional transition that led to standing up the Select, and later, Permanent Committee on Homeland Security and establishing the Department of Homeland Security. Throughout his government career Mr. Verrusio enjoyed bipartisan and frequent gratitude from Members of Congress in the House of Representatives and Senate for his exemplary work and role in forging balance and compromise.

Fraser grew up in heart of Chicago and attended Mt. Carmel High School and the University of Southern California. He and his wife Jessica have two children and reside in Virginia.

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