Our Team

  • John Ashcroft

    John Ashcroft

    Former U.S. Attorney General, Governor and U.S. Senator John Ashcroft serves as founder and Chairman of TAG Holdings and The...

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  • David Ayres

    David Ayres

    As Chief Executive Officer of TAG Holdings, David Ayres sets the firm’s business strategy and establishes objectives that will achieve...

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  • Susan Johnson

    Susan Johnson

    Susan Johnson is a seasoned manager known for her organizational acumen and expertise in change management and disaster response. The...

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  • Paul Garrett

    Paul Garrett

    Paul Garrett, a cyber-security and cross-organization information sharing expert, joined TAG Holdings as its Chief Technology Officer in January 2009....

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  • Lauren Webb

    Lauren Webb

    Lauren Webb is an experienced manager with expertise in precise systematic evaluations, analytical solutions and organizing for results. Ms. Webb...

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  • Jim Pierce

    Jim Pierce

    A seasoned veteran of the banking, corporate finance and retail industries, Mr. Pierce serves as a Senior Advisor for TAG...

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  • Lori Sharpe Day

    Lori Sharpe Day

    Lori Sharpe Day serves as the Managing Partner of The Ashcroft Law Firm, where she advises Firm clients on corporate...

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  • Mark Corallo

    Mark Corallo

    Called “a ‘street-smart’ Republican spin doctor” by National Journal, Mark Corallo is a veteran communicator with extensive experience in the...

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  • Matt Blunt

    Matt Blunt

    Former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt has more than 20 years expertise in state government management and policy. Mr. Blunt was...

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  • Tyler P. Alcorn

    Tyler P. Alcorn

    Tyler Alcorn brings strong experience in state and local government relations, investments, and corporate marketing to TAG Holdings where he...

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  • Fraser Verrusio

    Fraser Verrusio

    Fraser Verrusio is a skilled public policy expert with over 25 years’ experience in Washington, DC, with particular focus on...

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  • Brian Hubbard

    Brian Hubbard

    Brian Hubbard is a consultant in the TAG Holding’s National Security Practice and will assist clients at all levels of...

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