We don’t just consult. We lead, build and invest.

As we celebrate the Firm’s 10th anniversary, our team is honored to have advised dozens of industry-leading companies and executives and identified, invested in, and brought to market early and mid-stage best-of-breed technologies and services. Our investment portfolio of nearly two dozen companies includes national security technologies, “green” environmental services, and data security for the financial sector, among others.

Founded in 2005 by former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and David Ayres, TAG Holdings was established to perform with three pledges in mind:

  1. We are dedicated to the principles of leadership and integrity.  Led by one of the most principled men of our time, John Ashcroft sets the moral compass of and vision for our team and its clients.
  2. We are focused on the business values of entrepreneurship, agility and results.  We develop creative solutions, partner with imaginative firms and are known for being the “accelerators” our clients need to meet and exceed their business goals.
  3. We are committed to working only with clients that we can help.  We believe firmly in the virtues of honesty, perseverance and hard work.  So do our people and so do our clients.  For clients interested in just complying with the lowest standards, as opposed to leading, we have no qualms advising that they would be best served by engaging another firm.  We trust that those who do engage us understand our strong commitment to them and their businesses.

As our country continues to address security and financial challenges of great scale – challenges with distinct moral and ethical components – we are grateful to serve and advise those who, with integrity, will help steer our industries and markets toward a just and prosperous future.


Our dedication to integrity is matched only by our entrepreneurial spirit. We lead, build and invent.

We look for unique and mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded companies and individuals. To this end, TAG Holdings joins in entrepreneurial ventures with other organizations and individuals on a limited, selective basis. We carefully evaluate each business opportunity to determine if:

  • The venture is consistent with our business philosophy and personal principles
  • The organization has a strong management team
  • The product or service has a defined competitive advantage

TAG Holdings invests in a venture with a clear focus—to create opportunities, expand markets and grow company revenues. Pursuing endeavors where we see unique openings in unexplored niches, we look for new capabilities and technologies we believe will transform the landscape of business or government operations. We go to work for ideas in which we believe.

Strong, strategic relationships are the framework for a successful business model. TAG Holdings excels in building powerful business alliances reinforced by our years of experience. When a company has a good idea that can change the world or disrupt an industry, we have the perspective, network, and business know-how to help achieve results.


Innovation. Integrity. Results.

We believe strongly in innovation, entrepreneurship, and industry leadership. We combine our entrepreneurial approach with decades of experience in national security, high-tech, business and government to help global, industry-leading companies craft unique and highly profitable goods and services.

We offer unparalleled strategic counsel to early-stage ventures. Our consultants are innovators with an entrepreneurial eye and excel at the nexus of the public and private sectors.

As a business development partner to our clients, our goal is to create revenue. We use the breadth of our network and the depth of our experience to define and gain access to key target markets. Our team has opened dialogues with over a dozen Fortune 100 companies, leading clients to experience exponential growth. Our guidance and assistance has helped deliver millions of dollars in annual revenues to our clients.

For our start-up and early stage portfolio companies we also can support and supplement their business infrastructure and administrative operations, allowing the company leadership to focus its time and energy on strategic priorities, like product development, sales and marketing. From financial planning, cash flow management and basic bookkeeping to administrative services and office management, our experienced team can supply an operational bridge from a lean start-up team to a full-time, corporate administrative staff. As the company grows and its needs evolve, our team transitions the operational functions to an expanding in-house staff.

Many of our team members have spent their careers in the highest levels of government agencies and in the most senior staffs of elected officials, including the President, Vice President, and U.S. Senators. Other executives within the firm have held top positions within operating companies, granting us a firm understanding of key factors to consider in the application of new and creative strategies to increase profitability and operational effectiveness.