Venture Investing

Our dedication to integrity is matched only by our entrepreneurial spirit. We lead, build and invent.

We look for unique and mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded companies and individuals. To this end, TAG Holdings joins in entrepreneurial ventures with other organizations and individuals on a limited, selective basis. We carefully evaluate each business opportunity to determine if:

  • The venture is consistent with our business philosophy and personal principles
  • The organization has a strong management team
  • The product or service has a defined competitive advantage

TAG Holdings invests in a venture with a clear focus—to create opportunities, expand markets and grow company revenues. Pursuing endeavors where we see unique openings in unexplored niches, we look for new capabilities and technologies we believe will transform the landscape of business or government operations. We go to work for ideas in which we believe.

Strong, strategic relationships are the framework for a successful business model. TAG Holdings excels in building powerful business alliances reinforced by our years of experience. When a company has a good idea that can change the world or disrupt an industry, we have the perspective, network, and business know-how to help achieve results.